The Wank Blog: a masturbation diary

An account of my wanking habit. Hopefully, every wank should end up here.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

After work wank.........

I was feeling horny after work today, so no sooner had i stepped through the front door, I was on the front room carpet again with my trousers round my ankles. I felt like something a bit different today, so i put a bit of porn on (of a very fit man tossing himself off). I wanted this wank to be something a bit more special, so I opened a pack of lubricant and greased myself up. By this time, even very gently applying the lube was making my cock twitch madly, and I knew that unless i changed my technique I wouldnt last long. I drew the foreskin right back, exposing the purple head, and made sure it was entirely covered in lube. I began to gently massage my penis (oooooooh felt good to feel skin against the head). Before long I began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm, so I stopped just for a second as i felt the first twangs of orgasm, before the juice began to flow. I then started again, more slowly this time, gradually building up momentum until my cock began to ooze slightly, and again I stopped momentarily. When I started again, I used powerful strokes, starting at the base of my cock and finishing at the head. I soon began to feel the orgasm coming on again, but this time I couldn't stop. I came gloriously, and the spunk actually landed on my nipple this time, and the orgasm seemed to last for absolutely ages, with loads of juice all over my body. Hmmmmmmm wonder if i should go again right now. I enjoyed that one.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Sunday Morning Fumble

I was awoken on Sunday morning by my friend wanting to go for breakfast, so I got out of bed earlier than Wanker. I knew I was on a tight time limit, so as soon as i got downstairs, I lay myself down on the front room carpet and unbuttoned my trousers. I pulled the waistband down over my rapidly stiffening cock and began to gently massage it into full stiffness. It didn't take long as I was still in the 'morning wood' state of mind. Once i was fully erect, i began to wank, using my right hand, cupping my balls with my left, stroking my hole gently (i always find this gives good orgasms). I didnt take long to finish, and there was loads of spunk produced, which splashed over my stomach to just over my navel. Nice and thick and stringy. I made sure my balls were fully empty before I used my pants to soak up the mess. A good orgasm, overall, though I have had better.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

rumbled :)

My other half has found this blog, so there's now going to be two of us posting here.

Only one from me so far today. Had a bit of a shagathon this morning and last night. That made me very horny. I didn't get naked, just got my cock out. I didn't hurry. Besides, it took a while to come cos I was shagged out. Not much juice. What there was went on my leg, fingers and shorts: I am under strict instructions not to jizz on the carpet any more! Nice orgasm, mind.

I'm hoping to slip one other one in quickly.

six wanks today

As the original Wanker's partner, i decided to join in with the fun and games. as it was my day off today, I could think of no better way of spending my time than wanking. Clearly, the first was a wake up wank. Since wanker had already got up, I decided to take advantage of the morning wood i had achieved. A nice quick wank with a decidedly sticky conclusion. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 fade into my memory as i often wank to pass the time, however, i feel sure that i probably used some of the porn on my computer to get the orgasm i desired. Wanks number 5 and 6 i spent more time over since i had noticed this blog on the net and decided that nobody could beat me in the wanking stakes, so I made these two last. I am different from Wanker in that I have a good enough imagination that i dont need to watch porn to get to the point of orgasm. I simply imagined some of my cuter colleagues at work to get there under my own steam. And let me tell you, they were fab. Not too much in the way of sticky mess since I had already played four times today, but I was nevertheless impressed by what I produced. These final two lasted for about fifteemminutes each, since I dont take as long to orgasm as Wanker does. They were very enjoyable though, as I have very definite mental pictues of what I would like to do to some of my colleagues (especially when I dont have the opportunity of real sex). More to cum soon !!

Friday, November 26, 2004

porn wank

Was incredibly horny this morning, so decided to indulge in a nice porn-wank. Very hard, and I came very quickly. Not frenzied, just swift. A great orgasm, but not much spunk produced. Easier to clean up!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

weekend wood

Only two this weekend!

Each of them morning ones. Both times my cock was only semi-hard. I was lying on my front, with the semi-hard penis against my leg (my earliest technique, to which I often revert!). Fairly sticky orgasms, over my leg. Not top-quality, but nice.


Two days of semis. The wanks have been OK, mind, so I'm not too fussed. No real juice today, but it was fun. Lot's of moaning, thrusting and all quite active. Nice! I'm planning on another pre-work quickie, and it seems like I might geta full boner for that.

Monday, November 22, 2004

a better week?

Two, so far this morning. I had such a boner when I woke up (partner off to work early). Lots of groaning and panting (I don't normally do that, I'm usually very quiet). I couldn't tell how juicy it'd been, I just came in my pants and used them to wipe any stray juice.

The second one was after I got up. I must be pretty horny this week. A very quick one while I was getting ready for work.

Friday, November 19, 2004

frenzied friday

More action today than there has been for a while.

Two today. One morning one. Loads of string of clear pre-cum, very frenzied.

One just a little while ago. Again, frenzied! Quite a lot of juice. Very enjoyable!