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Saturday, October 16, 2004

today will probably be a long day!

Saturdays are quite often wankathons, and today is shaping up that way

I've had two so far, and there'll probably be at least three more, judging from past performances

The first was a morning wank. I was only semi, cos I'd already used my morning wood having sex. I enjoy the sleepy morning ones, though. Less frantic, slightly drowsy. I wasn't fully hard throughout, but that kind of helps. My in-bed technique is a little strange. I lie on my front, and kind of bend my cock so that it lies against my leg. My left leg I raise in the air (don't ask me why: I've done it this way since I was six years old, perhaps it's just imprinted from the first time). It took ages to come, but I was in no rush. Maybe half an hour, but I've no idea really. Not much spunk, but I'd juiced a load from the sex-session earlier. Again, I didn't get naked, I just slipped my cock out of my shorts.

The second wank wasn't a great one, to be honest. A bit half-hearted and porn-fuelled. I was sitting down, and using my right-hand, mostly. Not a great erection. More than a semi, less than a full boner. Decent orgasm, but hardly any spunk at all.


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