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Friday, November 19, 2004

frenzied friday

More action today than there has been for a while.

Two today. One morning one. Loads of string of clear pre-cum, very frenzied.

One just a little while ago. Again, frenzied! Quite a lot of juice. Very enjoyable!


At 10 December 2005 at 00:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I get pussy on regular basis, but when there is a good opportunity to jack off, I go for it with gusto.
I work as a maintenance man for an apartment complex here is southern California, and I get to go into tenants apartments when no one is home sometimes. This particular morning I was sent to this single lady's apartment to check a bathroom faucet. The lady that lives there is about black, 35 years of age, and built for fucking. Nice big legs and an ass to die for. She is a mail carrier and was out at work so I had her place to my self. My cock was already hard from thinking of going through her dirty laundry. I enjoy smelling womens dirty panties every chance I get, and here I was to get my fill. In her bathroom I found her laundry hamper, opened and found a sexy black pair of dirty panties. The pussy scent was wafting up to my nose and my hard cock was begging to be let loose. I pulled my jeans and shorts down to my ankles, and my dick was throbbing up and down. I inspected the panties. They were sexy sheer nylon black bikini panties with some whitish pussy streaks on the inner crotch panel. Slowly a brought the crotch to my nose and inhaled slow and very deep.....Whew!!! strong stinky smell of pussy with dry pee smell.
Good great stuff!
I did not have too much time to indulge in a long slow wackerino, so I began jacking off standing up over the open toilet so that I can shoot my cum into the toilet.
The pussy smell drove me insane with lust. a very erotic smelly pussy this woman has. I was jacking off so fast that my fist was a blurr. I was shaky as I began stiffening up and went into a jacking off frenzy. When I came, I jerked back with the intensity of my wild orgasm, and my big hard cock began to shoot with a powerful ejaculation shooting my hot thick cream all over the plastic flowers that were on a vase on top of the toilet tank cover instead of into the toilet.
I had to clean off my cum as best as I could from the plastic flowers, the vase, the wall, and the toilet tank cover. What a great mess! Man! what a cum shot! My knees were weak and shaky from the jack off bout I just did. Whew!! was it sooo very good! so damn good!! I wanted to steal the dirty panties for a later meat beating session, but I did not want to raise suspicion since those were the only panties in the hamper.
I do get to sniff plenty of stinky panties from women tenants and jack off sniffing them. When possible, I will shoot a massive load of thick cumm all over the dirty panty crotch, and place them back at the bottom of the hamper, or laundry basket.
I feel horny right now, And I'm going to pull out my dick, and jack off to some pussy magazines I have, maybe even a video.


At 19 March 2006 at 22:30, Blogger john cannella said...

i can relate to you smelling dirty panties and bate. i'm a compulsive bator addicted to porno.i love to smell and suck wife dirty panties,after she has sex with one of her lovers and they are nice and jucy i can't stop stroking.i'm impotent only good at stroking drooling over

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At 4 December 2007 at 14:20, Anonymous reknaw said...

When the wife’s away…

The wife’s gone to stay with her school friend for the weekend – so I’m free to spend a couple of days with my lover – not another woman – or man – but the lover between my legs! I masturbate pretty regularly anyway, but when the wife goes away for a few days then I go wild! I masturbate several times a day, being as imaginative as I can. Today is no exception First I switch the TV to the porn channel. Having slept naked – I remain naked, wandering around the house with a hard-on or semi-hard-on. My first orgasm is on the sofa, where I lie stretched out, lubricating my prick with saliva and holding off ejaculation for as long as possible. The video camera is trained on my lower half. When I do eventually cum, I cum all over my stomach and chest and rub the sperm in, licking my fingers from time to time as I do so. Then follows a shower, during which I get aroused again and give myself a soapy-hands job.
By this time I have quite an appetite and, still naked, prepare myself a full English breakfast to replace the energy needed for the exercise ahead of me. It will probably be a couple of hours before I am ready to cum again, but I spend some of that time surfing the Internet and downloading masturbation pics and videos. I also log in to a chat show, where I pose as a young lesbian and have erotic chats with other lesbians, but also with men who are turned on by lesbians. Today I’m lucky – this well-endowed teenager wants to wank for an older woman – and does so over his webcam – I of course pretend that I haven’t got one!
While I am doing this, I make a point of drinking as much water as possible, to fill my bladder for my next masturbation session, which is going to include pissing. For this, I get dressed for the first time during the day. My bladder is now full to bursting point, so I busy myself in the kitchen, walking around, tidying this, nibbling at that – and suddenly I can’t wait any longer and I just let myself go and the piss just streams down my legs. Yes, I need a shit, so I do that in my pants as well. This really turns me on and I rub myself through my warm, wet trousers and add a bit of sperm to the other emissions. Now I put the soiled clothes into the washing machine and have another shower. Now it is time to get fully-dressed, as I’m going to go out. Where? To the local pornographic cinema. Of course I don’t go there to watch the films – I’ve got plenty of porn at home, with Cable Television and DVDs – I go to watch men wanking and to wank openly myself.
I am not disappointed – in the back row nearly everyone is wanking, either himself or his neighbour. I sit at the end of the row, and discover it is an ideal place to be, as a number of men who are a bit too shy to wank while sitting in their seats, come to the corner at the back of the cinema to do it furtively, so I get a good view of a number of spurts. All the time I am openly wanking myself, but I make a point of holding off my ejaculation – I don’t want to come until the end of the film. Imagine my delight when one of the men who has come up to the corner waves his erect prick in my face and whispers to me: “Could you suck it for me?” I don’t need asking twice – I take it in my mouth and give it the works. Believe it or not – this is the first opportunity I’ve had to suck a man’s prick, although I’ve been dreaming about it for years! I can taste the juices flowing – he’s going to cum – I haven’t got the courage to swallow the cum, so I finish him off by hand. I love watching the sperm shoot out anyway, and I think perhaps it isn’t wise to swallow a strange man’s cum, even though this one’s prick seemed very clean.
Now I’m on the edge myself, so I rest a bit before continuing with my own masturbation. I can see a seat free in the middle of the row, so I move into it. Here I have a better view of the men who are masturbating. The man next to me has a very large cock and a fantastic erection. He’s masturbating slowly, his eyes glued to the screen. Dare I? After a while I can’t resist the temptation. I slowly move my hand towards his member and touch it. The man doesn’t take his eyes off the screen, but immediately removes his own hand from his prick. It seems he was only too willing. I spit onto my hand to get a bit of lubrication and got to work. I’m obviously doing a god job, as he’s just sitting back in his seat with a satisfied smile on his face. He doesn’t so much as glance at me. After two or three minutes of rubbing the shaft, I transfer my attention to the head of his penis, titillating the frenum with my thumb. This does the trick. Suddenly he starts shaking – there’s a stifled cry and his prick erupts! Sperm shoots all over his shirt, trousers, the man next to him and my hand. I don’t remember ever having seen quite so much sperm flow from a prick, quite so far, before. Still without looking at me, he takes out his handkerchief, cleans himself up as best he can and continues to watch the film, leaving his increasingly flaccid still penis oozing on to his trousers. This is too much for me. I can’t hold back any longer and come myself – being careful to direct my penis towards the floor so as to protect my trousers. This in turn has the man on my left ejaculating – into his handkerchief.
There now being no reason to wait for the end of the film – I haven’t the faintest idea what the ‘story-line’ is anyway – I tuck away my still dripping penis and leave. Walking through the street I happen to look down and see a rather large globule of sperm on my shoe – I evidently didn’t aim very well in the dark of the cinema. Wondering whether anyone has noticed it in the meantime, I surreptitiously wipe it off as best I can with my other shoe.
Back home, realizing I’ve had four orgasms already today, I decide to have a bite to eat and a well-earned rest. I know I’ll probably manage six or seven but feel in need of a pause, so I stretch out on the sofa in front of the cable-TV porn channel and enjoy the fucking without getting particularly excited. There’s a gay film for a change – that’s always a turn-on and I eventually get an erection, but just stroke gently without coming, encouraging my balls to build up a sufficient supply of sperm for the next wank. I’ve decided that this will be in the public urinal – I go there quite often anyway, but decide that a perfect wanking day wouldn’t be complete without a bit of excitement among the ‘pissers’.
Off I go to the urinal – as usual it is full, but eventually one bona fide pisser leaves and there’s room for another wanker. Men are stroking left and right of me and I soon get a hard-on. We are all looking at each other’s pricks and presumably making comparisons. The chap next to me tentatively sticks out his hand towards my prick, but I politely indicate that I’m not interested. He decides to leave – and the chap who replaces him has obviously come in for a quicky – his prick is stiff as soon as he takes it out and he starts rubbing in earnest. He comes pretty soon – a lovely spurt and this is too much for me – I can’t hold back any longer and cum myself. Not as prolific a spurt as his – but what do you expect for the fifth wank of the day?
I leave soon after that and go home to relax - I watch a rather boring film on TV and doze off in the middle. When I wake up I decide to go to bed – only five wanks? No – I manage one more just before midnight – to send me to sleep!


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