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Saturday, November 27, 2004

six wanks today

As the original Wanker's partner, i decided to join in with the fun and games. as it was my day off today, I could think of no better way of spending my time than wanking. Clearly, the first was a wake up wank. Since wanker had already got up, I decided to take advantage of the morning wood i had achieved. A nice quick wank with a decidedly sticky conclusion. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 fade into my memory as i often wank to pass the time, however, i feel sure that i probably used some of the porn on my computer to get the orgasm i desired. Wanks number 5 and 6 i spent more time over since i had noticed this blog on the net and decided that nobody could beat me in the wanking stakes, so I made these two last. I am different from Wanker in that I have a good enough imagination that i dont need to watch porn to get to the point of orgasm. I simply imagined some of my cuter colleagues at work to get there under my own steam. And let me tell you, they were fab. Not too much in the way of sticky mess since I had already played four times today, but I was nevertheless impressed by what I produced. These final two lasted for about fifteemminutes each, since I dont take as long to orgasm as Wanker does. They were very enjoyable though, as I have very definite mental pictues of what I would like to do to some of my colleagues (especially when I dont have the opportunity of real sex). More to cum soon !!


At 14 December 2005 at 23:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jacking off; what a great way to wake up in the morning.
Just yesterday I woke up in the early morning thinking of pussy and I was sporting a huge hard-on. Not getting out of bed, I pulled the blankets and sheets back as my boner waved in the air hard as rock.
I tickled my balls for a few moments, and tickled my cock shaft and up to my dick head. I had pre-cum oozing from my dick, and spit on it for more lubrication as I began to stroke it up and down massaging my cock head giving me a great sensation. After much play of jacking off, I began to feel the electrifying waves of my orgasm nearing. My cock got even harder, my glans (dick head) swelled up, and I felt the intense shock wave of my powerful orgasm begin to take place. I bucked back violently and gasped, as I watched in awe the first shot of thick white hot semen ejaculate from my cock. Six powerful blasts of cum flying in the air as my cock pulsated and throbbed. Man! was it good! cum all over the sheets, on my stomach and chest. Fuckin' mess but well worth it.
I enjoy jacking off when I'm not pounding and pummeling my girlfriends deliciously hot pussy, or getting a good long blow job from her. She lets me shoot my cum in her mouth and she'll swallow it most of the time, and other times she will spit all the cum I shot in her mouth all over my dick and balls.
Jacking off....ahhh feels so good.

At 15 December 2005 at 23:42, Blogger john cannella said...

i use to cume 5-6 times per day. not any more i average 3 sometime 4 per day. i'm addicted to porno but if i'm outside,mall wash rooms,in the car etc..i only have to think of my mother or my slut wife and i achive orgasm. see john's story-oniana


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