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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

tuesday self-abuse

I didn't wank Sunday or Monday (shagging).

Tuesday I had a morning wank. It started off crap, really. I was a bit sleepy, and couldn't get into it. I was using my "classic" technique, lying on my front. But the boner was not great to start with, and the pleasure from the wank wasn't all it could be. The erection didn't get any better (it was kind of one quarter hard... not even a semi). I rolled onto my front and changed hands and grasped my dick more firmly: much better erection ( three quarters of a full bonk: not its hardest, but to look at it you;d think it was). Much more pleasure from it, also, but hard to "go over the edge" and come. Got up to look at some porn, and that tipped me over to orgasm.


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