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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

weekend wood

Only two this weekend!

Each of them morning ones. Both times my cock was only semi-hard. I was lying on my front, with the semi-hard penis against my leg (my earliest technique, to which I often revert!). Fairly sticky orgasms, over my leg. Not top-quality, but nice.


At 19 December 2005 at 05:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Wanker, mostly every morning I wake up with a raging boner especially when thinking of the hard fucking I gave my girlfriend the last few days. Yeah man, I will turn over in bed early in the morning with my cock hard as a baseball bat. Hurts when I lay on the fucker, and my cock won't give up till I jack it off real good.
Sometimes I'm just too lazy to get up and get some tissue to clean up the cum after I shoot, so I'll jack off and shoot my gooey load all over my stomach and chest; smear it all over, and let it dry. Then I'll go take my morning shower.
When my girlfriend is not available for five to six days, I will pull a great slow teaser jack off watching nasty DVD movies.
For some strange reason, I get really horny watching DVD's of the thick plumper type of chicks, or the older mature unattractive sloppy women types. This is probably due to the older, and fatty women I fucked when I was 16 years old. These type of women gave me the best fuck of my life! great blow jobs, the hottest unihibited fuckingand so on. And although my girlfriends have always been shapely and petite, looking at nasty fatty and older women seems to get me super horny when jacking off.
In fact, I'm gonna put on a nasty plumper older women DVD right now and jack off real slow and delicious shooting my cum all over the place as I sit here on my couch.

Big Nasty


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